My name is Kirsten, pronounced KYEER-stin, but if you say it wrong, that's okay, you can say"hey you!" and I'll respond, and I'm SOOOO excited you're here! You can usually find me hanging out with my friends, or hanging out at home binge watching a new series.

Whether you feel you feel comfortable in front of the camera, or awkward (uhhh, you'll never meet anyone else who gets in front of the camera and has no idea what to do with their arms like me 😂. Seriously. I do much better behind the camera), YOU ARE MY PEOPLE. I live to help people feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, and you best believe we'll be laughing and having so much fun most of the time.

"We loved our experience with Kirsten! She is an extremely talented photographer and made me and my family feel super comfortable in front of the camera! I loved how quickly she got sneak peeks over to us and the turn around time for the whole session was very timely! We would highly recommend her for any type of shoot!" -Kellie J.


“She did AMAZING throughout the whole wedding and was so fun to work with! She didn’t just help us get the perfect shots; I remember her shaking a teddy bear for our nephew just so that others could get the perfect shot on their cell phones! She is so easy going, and extremely talented!”